Cyborgs in the mist: fight against planned obsolescence of mankind

I was invited at the Gaity Lyrique to discuss on the fake documentary from St├ęphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon in which I played the role of a researcher from the LOPH research lab. (Lutte contre l’Obsolescence Programmee de l’Homme/fight against planned obsolescence of mankind). “The film presents the LOPH research lab and its utopian proposals to struggle against the planned obsolescence of mankind. The lab is located in the villa Coignet, rue Charles Michel, Saint-Denis, the first house in the world entirely made out of concrete. Now part of the industrial estate of a multinational corporation in meat and ball meal, it is surrounded by data centers, warehouses and post evangelic cults.” The (45min) documentary explore the surprising links between the first house in the world entirely made out of concrete, a data center, evangelic cults, Wikipedia and artificial intelligence. more info here


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